A Few Awesome Things to do With your Drone!

I’m sure that there are many of you who have thought about buying a drone, either for yourself or simply to share the fun with your young son and family members. I’m sure that there are many of you out there who don’t actually realise just how many things you can experience with a drone!

Some are fun, but many are quite serious, and you may be surprised to learn just how useful and versatile a drone can be. Keep in mind that some of the suggestions below may only work with drones that have certain features, such as high-quality cameras, auto-follow controls, or extended battery life.

Make Home Movies or Capture Beautiful Landscapes

Fancy yourself as the next BBC wildlife cameraman John Aitchison? Drones are a great movie-making tool for capturing stunning landscapes, aerial views of your favourite city, or live action and sporting events. While some drones do have limited battery life, the high angles you get with drone photography just simply beat the shots you get with a traditional camera. If you’re a student filmmaker, the next camera you invest in might well be attached to a drone.

A Wonderful Tool for Estate Agents

Estate agents are turning to drones as a way of checking up on the properties in their portfolio. An agent can use drone photography to give prospective home buyers a virtual tour of a home. Agents can also use a drone to double-check the condition of a house that’s been on the market for a while, and make a note of small issues that might need to be addressed before a walk-through, such as dirty walls or damaged roof tiles.

Survey Building Sites

If you work in construction, drones can provide a useful perspective on the hard-to-access areas of your worksite. Drones can help monitor work progress, survey a property, and keep track of what supplies might be dwindling on the job site. Drones also allow builders to provide a visual report to clients, and offer a speedy way to inspect the quality of new construction at every step of the process.

Record your Children’s Sporting Events!

Want to make an amazing sports reel? Ideal for capturing video of your children’s sports days or simply film your children doing awesome skateboarding tricks. These videos can become treasured family items and shared on YouTube.

Dress your Drone up!

Now, I’m not sure just how practical this is, but I’m sure we have all seen the funny “Halloween Drones” clips  on social media.

Maybe it would be fun to do something innovative with your drone. Give it a costume and have some fun at your next Halloween party. If you’re crafty, this is a great way to use a drone in a way that nobody else has tried.

Take Awesome Drelfies?

Is it a “dronefie” or a “drelfie?” Whatever you call a selfie taken by a drone, it’s the coolest kind of pic there is. You could use a drone to capture a panoramic selfie in front of Table Mountain, for example. Drone selfies would be especially cool if you wanted to capture aerial shots of a wedding reception, 21st Birthday or any other special moment in your life.

So Readers, if you have joined the drone craze, let us know about the awesome things you have done with your drone in the comments below.

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