Just How much Fun is it to Actually Fly a Drone?

This answer probably varies from person-to-person.

I think the answer to this question also depends on what kind of drone you have and how easy it is to fly. On the one hand an easier-to-fly drone will be more appealingĀ and a whole lot more fun for casual users, whereas a harder-to-fly drone is more of a challenge, which will appeal to others.

For me personally, I’m not sure if flying a drone would be as much fun if I wasn’t able to also record my flight and take pictures. I’m not a professional videographer or photographer and as such don’t have the greatest videos or stills from my flights, but I still like to come back home and re-watch my flight to see if I got any cool shots. However, I must say my skills are improving with time and I am getting a bit more adventurous with my flights.

Ultimately, though, it’s really going to come down to the individual. I’d recommend getting an inexpensive drone to start with and find out if you enjoy flying or not. I would recommend the Helicute Wave Razor which is an ideal beginner drone!

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