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Helicute was established in 2012 as a small-scale domestic toy manufacturer based in Chenghai District of Guangdong city in Shantou Province. They specialise in R/C toys, offering top quality quadcopters and drones, and with years of experience, Helicute offers high-performance drones at affordable prices.

The Helicute website is dedicated to all the budding drone pilots out there. The beauty of the Helicute drone is that there are no age limits set to fly a drone so it is the ideal family gift, one that everyone in the family can enjoy!

The Helicute website offers information on all the available Helicute drones and spare parts available to you. Furthermore, we provide tech support, so, if you are having drone issues drop us a line and our nerd brigade will be ready to assist.

We are also aware that until you have mastered your drone skills you might be needing a few additional spare parts.No worries, Helicute spare parts are readily available for order. Helicute also offer spare parts to replace those worn out ones, or if you simply need an extra battery on the side you will be able to add it to your order.

The FAQ section is there to answer all those nagging questions and to set your mind at ease when buying your Helicute drone. Visit our Helicute blog page for news and reviews on all things drones and see why it’s the perfect toy or gift for anyone in your family.

If you have an awesome drone story or video, why not share it with us on our Facebook page.

Helicute specialises in quadcopters and drones, ranging from drones with WIFI/cameras to a drone that is just a speedster. See our full range:

  1. Helicute Wave Razor Drone – The perfect drone for beginners!
  2. Helicute Petrel Drone with CAM/WIFI – The Helicute H820HW is a quadcopter featuring WiFi FPV, phone app control, flip mode, headless mode, and up to 9 minutes of flight time.
  3. VR Racer Drone – Experience the true beauty of SA with the VR glasses and VR Razor Drone
  4. Helicute spare parts – For all your DIY drones needs

Check out the Helicute Video 1 on YouTube and Helicute Video 2

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